Published on : 15 June 20203 min reading time

I’m sure you’ve heard of denture glue. This product can come in different forms and adhesive cream is probably the most commonly used.  But what’s the real use?

Fixes the denture securely

Removable dentures have many advantages over permanent implants. It is much cheaper and easier to clean. A removable denture is more hygienic and easier to maintain. The only disadvantage is that they may not fit properly on some occasions. Indeed, a prosthesis that is incorrectly placed can lead to gum irritation due to friction caused by jaw movements. After a while, painful spots may appear and bother the person. It will become increasingly difficult for the person to chew food, and it will be very difficult for them to articulate properly.

It is in these moments that denture adhesive cream can be of great help. This product helps to secure the denture firmly in your mouth, thus preventing it from moving. The denture adhesive cream is very easy to use as you only need to follow the instructions on the back of the product.  Usually you just have to apply the cream, position the denture in your mouth and tighten your teeth for a few minutes. This very simple procedure will allow your denture to stay in place and not hurt you anymore. Moreover, the cream is safe, and you can apply it more than once a day if needed.

Protects the gums

The gums are very sensitive and do not tolerate permanent contact with a hard object. This is also the reason why dentures can cause pain and irritation of the gums.  The most sensitive people get into the habit of wearing dentures only for eating, which makes it less convenient. A denture also serves to give a beautiful smile, which is why it should be worn at all times.

Adhesive cream can act as a “protective cushion” for the gums, thus avoiding rough contact with the denture. If you have slightly dry mucous membranes in your mouth, the adhesive cream can help you avoid the unpleasant sensations caused by dentures.

Easier to apply and just as effective as the adhesive powder

Adhesive powder is another type of denture adhesive, but it does not have the same advantages as cream. With adhesive powder, you must first moisten the denture. Then sprinkle the denture, being careful to apply it only to the areas that are in contact with the gums. Avoid using too much powder and only apply the necessary amount. Adhesive cream does not pose as much stress and this is also why many users prefer it to powder.


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