It is very important to know how to take care of the elderly, they are the ones who took care of the parents, i.e. the origins. But when mum and dad get older, and when their mobility is less reduced, it is safer to put a stairlift adapted to the elderly to facilitate their movements around the house. The stairlift is a platform lift system, which is specially designed for older people.

Types of stairlifts

There is a lifting platform for stairs, it's a wheelchair platform. There are two types of platform: a stairlift platform and a lifting platform for the disabled. There are also electric stairlifts for straight stairlifts or revolving stairlifts. There are other alternatives such as: the wheelchair lift, the devil's stairlift, the wheelchair stair climber, the mini lift, and the escalator. You need to find the best type of stairlift for the senior citizen in question, but you also need to choose the stairlift for your home. The stairlift should be adapted to family homes, so as not to cause problems for other family members.

The advantages of a stairlift

It is an equipment that is proposed to difficulties to move around. The stairlift is at the same time safe, comfortable and very aesthetic. There are several options: with a safety belt, with a circuit breaker, with a sensor and foldable on the wall. Agencies such as Mobilis Elevateur offer designs with your choice of colours, styles and even materials. The installation of a stairlift is different depending on the type of stairlift chosen, some are very difficult to install and require special knowledge. The classic stairlift takes between 1 to 2 hours to install, the platform stairlift requires a few hours to several days (maximum 2 days), and the mini stairlift needs to be fitted out (its installation takes several days). The best is to use professionals for its installation, it will be more secure, but also with guarantees.

The purchase and maintenance of a stairlift

To buy a stairlift, you can go to a shop to see the type of stairlift. It is also possible to buy online, which is popular for its convenience. You can get advice and find good prices on the internet. It is important to know that stairlift maintenance is very demanding. Safety is people's concern, it is very important to take good care of the elderly and disabled. When selling a stairlift, there is an annual contract for its maintenance. This contract is very important to benefit from repairs in case of breakdown and it is safer, because the stairlift meets the required safety standards.